We have different kinds of advanced processing machinery, Our state of the art machinery can handle all of your machining needs.CNC has the function of controlling the feed speed and spindle speed of the cutter, as well as tool converter and coolant.The parts produced by numerical control machining are very accurate and repeatable.CNC machining can produce parts with complex shapes that manual machining cannot complete.

Drilling machines are capable of drilling precision parts by rotary cutting or rotary extrusion using tools that are harder and sharper than the target object.

Milling machine utilizes milling cutter to process a variety of surface of work piece. It can not only milling plane, groove, gear teeth, thread and spline shaft, but also can process more complex profile with high efficiency.EDM machine is a special processing method which can make our products have more perfect performance and longer service life.

Grinding machine uses the high speed rotating wheel to carry on the grinding processing to the work piece surface, which can process the high hardness material.

As a professional injection mould and plastic parts moldings company,  we have advanced processing equipment,

precision testing equipments such as CMM, measuring projector. 
We are constantly replacing facilities to respond to requests for "speed" and "accuracy". 
Currently it has a wide range of polishing machines, machining centers, wire electric discharge machines 

and so on to meet the diverse needs of customers.